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[Music]Hi I'm Mike Robichaux with Docsoft

Docsoft Liberating Speech exactly what

does that mean to universities and

government agencies. Docsoft has a product

that is able to turn your audio and

video files to transcripts and

automatic closed captioning. Today we're

going to the presentation and show

universities and government agencies and

corporations how to meet their compliance needs by

letting Docsoft transcribe and closed

caption their media. Docsoft's history

started in 1998 as a technology company

located in Oklahoma City Oklahoma we are

the industry leader in speech

recognition software, and we also

specialize in customized software as

well Phil Miller our president and CEO

and owner was the 2006 Oklahoma businessman of

the year and Phil believes that speech

recognition software. He also believes

in customer satisfaction and customer

support. How does the compliance issues

that we all face apply to you ADA

504 508, these are all very much a

part of the daily routines at

universities and corporations and

government entities face 504 for being

more in the education 508 being

more in the government institutions and the

ADA being the governing body of all.Our

software was designed with you in mind

and what we mean by that basically is

that we allow you to go back and to review

these files. Therefore, enhancing your

learning experiences improving memory

retention and also provides

accommodations.Just think if we could of

been able to when we were in college

been able to go back and listen to a

presentation from a in a lecture that

the professor gave two weeks ago and

not only had to listen to it but also be

able to provide transfer a written

transcript and have that video and audio

file closed captioned. Pretty neat way to

retain memory right and also pretty neat way

to learn.Spoken word time codes text transcript

closed captioning all that is a part of

what Docsoft does in the next few minutes

were going to attempt to show you two

different product lines 1 product line

being the product itself. The

appliance. The other product line being

services.Docsoft AVS it's a

service that we now provide through Docsoft.

Basically we have three formats,

automatic speech recognition, time

synchronization and manual transcription

you provide the file to us you upload the

file you pay-as-you-go. We do it for

you, as I mentioned Docsoft AVS is a

pay-as-you-go easy-to-use multiple

option format.You have synchronization closed

captioning and manual transcripts. Now

we're gonna actually going to compare the product

and services. The product as I mentioned

is an AV appliance.You own it you manage it

and it's customizable. The other side

the AVS is all web-based and we

basically do the work for you this is

a sample of exactly what the Docsoft AV

box looks like it's a 1-U rack

mountable appliance if you can visualize

being able to take your audio and video

files processes them through this particular

appliance and on the other side get

transcripts and captioning done that's an

incredible product. Basically how you upload

the AV files a very simple process, and

this'll take you through it simply you

just fill out the username and password

upload the file pick out the file to be uploaded,

upload it

and away it goes you can also view

that file once it is it is done, the

system will alert you and show your your

files you have compiled through the system

and therefore being able to view that

file at any time.The Docsoft transcript

editor was created as a Docsoft

proprietary software product. It is

desktop is desktop uh application it's

dynamic interface it's user-friendly and

enables you to customize and to also

correct the transcripts as needed.Here's

an example of the actual Docsoft

transcript editor

you'll notice it is basically a compilation

of what the transcript looks like on the

left-hand side of the picture there you

see an actual Windows media player that's

playing the recording on the right side you

see the words that we've documented from

the transcript in the middle there all

time coded and synchronized.You notice that

there's a green line in between there,we have

a lot of people have ask us exactly

what that Green line is. Basically, that

is a confidence level that is a

confidence level that we and the system

have assumed that the utterances

following that are all pretty pretty

correct where it's green means obviously more

correct than other places.The next screen

we're going to show you is the Docsoft

SA search appliance.Once you have processed

these files,once you have provided the

transcript and the captioning and

incidentally on the captioning we do not

embed it in within the video

because copyright purposes we simply

play at the the the the the the

transfer on top of the video. But once you've

done that,you've set it off to the file

repositories, where it's going to reside

for storage purposes. This search appliance

allows you to search any of those

index files, but spoken word content. [silence]

You spoke we listen here is an example of

customization that we performed for

Northern Virginia community college the

Northern Virginia community college

website is nvcc. edu/TV center/VOD

We created this for NVCC it has both

the public views where you can go and pull

up any of the files that they have but pull up

those files look for a look for yourself

and see what Docsoft has done on this


You can contact us here at Docsoft

in a number of ways I think you have my

card. Certainly our website is on the

screen or send us an email at sales@docsoft

. com. Thank you all very much for

being here today, we appreciate it.

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